December 1, 2021, webinar. Anti-fraud law news at 5:00 p.m. Madrid time.

The anti-fraud law for billing and collections software has been in effect since October 11, 2021.

As expert auditors and advisors, we invite you to our third presentation on this topic where we will tell how we help dozens of software development companies in complying with it, trying to avoid, among others, the possibility of fraud through actions that can generate billing in parallel, ilegal dual-use software or other forms of fraud contemplated in the 6 letters of the law.

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December 1, 2021, webinar on anti-fraud law news at 5:00 p.m. Madrid time.

In this webinar we will analyze not only the novelties of the law but also other services oriented to the legal, contractual framework, which we have added to our portfolio.

Specifically, we will talk about the 6 letters that article 201bis marks in the following two sections:

1. The manufacture, production and marketing of computer or electronic systems and programs that support accounting, billing or management processes by persons or entities that carry out economic activities constitutes a tax offense, when any of the following circumstances occur:

a) allow different accounts to be kept under the terms of article 200.1.d) of this Law;

b) allow not to reflect, totally or partially, the recording of transactions carried out;

c) allow recording transactions other than the entries made;

d) allow altering transactions already registered in violation of the applicable regulations;

e) do not comply with the technical specifications that guarantee the integrity, conservation, accessibility, legibility, traceability and inalterability of the records, as well as their legibility by the competent bodies of the Tax Administration, in the terms of article 29.2.j) of this Law;

f) the manufactured, produced or marketed systems are not certified, being obliged to do so by regulatory provision.

2. Possession of computer or electronic systems or programs that do not comply with the provisions of article 29.2.j) of this Law, when they are not duly certified, having to be certified by regulation, or when they have been certified, constitutes a tax offense. altered or modified certified devices.

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