The regulation of the definitive anti-fraud law could be before August.

A few days ago we held another webinar, for more than 100 companies that, in general, are interested and concerned about the scope and scope of the new Anti-Fraud Law applied to accounting, billing and management software. In this sense, we commented that the final regulation could be before August of this year and we strongly emphasized the important effort that must be made to comply with both the Law and the regulation, currently in draft form.

The definitive regulation could be before August

One of the issues that has to concern us is that both the Law and the regulations require a significant implementation time, as well as cross-cutting the company:

  1. Customer service area
  2. Commercial and marketing area
  3. Development area
  4. systems area
  5. Legal area
  6. Others

They are profoundly affected by this Law and regulations. Currently the Regulation in draft mode, if we look at the single final provision that provides us with those issues that the Tax Agency proposes to complete, there is almost 80% of the regulation that we can already implement . This complemented to the first 4 letters of the Law in the section applicable to development companies always poses the same question:

What is the point of waiting and looking the other way, leaving the development company at risk?

Webinar and questions about it

In the webinar (only for customers ) we emphasize these issues, including advantages and business opportunities that our customers already take advantage of.

Below we include a small sample of issues that we work with our clients when we collaborate in their audit and that we comment on in the presentation:

  • What do we consider as the perimeter of the application?
  • What functionalities apply to the first 4 letters of article 1 of the Anti-Fraud Law?
  • What does secure copies mean?
  • What does it mean that you can delete invoices?
  • What is secure event logging?
  • What happens if I generate sales orders but do not invoice them?
  • Do I have adequate licensing control?
  • How do I transfer responsibilities to the client? Can I take advantage of this Law to boost my business?
  • What is period closing?
  • Whose responsibility is the closing of the period and its use?
  • User manual for the entire application?
  • Can I export event log?
  • How do I propose the visualization of article 10 and 11?
  • How can I detect a corrupted event log?
  • How can I demonstrate before an inspection that the invoices and event registration have not been altered?
  • Can I delete a company or series already used in the software?
  • What does the legibility of my copies mean?
  • Can the customer or partner make customizations?
  • What implications regarding the Law and regulations do we have if our solution is Cloud vs. on premise?

These and many other issues that the company sometimes does not consider are issues that we work on actively and continuously with our clients.


Our recommendation is clear, count on an independent external professional experienced in dozens of Anti-Fraud Law audits to advise you and provide you with the confidence that this Law is optimally implementing this Law in your solution.

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