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Provincial Treasury and Basque Government.
Billing software and tax fraud

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TicketBAI approved software. The new TicketBAI system was born to fight and put an end to "tax fraud" and "Box B" in operations and economic activities in the Basque Country.

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What are you looking for and how does it work?

With the TicketBAI system, the three Basque Provincial Treasurys: Álava (Araba) , Guipúzcoa (Gipuzkoa) and Vizcaya (Bizkaia ) will be able to control the income from economic activities of companies, freelancers or institutions. In addition, the information obtained will be used to make it easier for taxpayers to comply with their tax obligations in order to avoid heavy penalties and significant relief.

The billing programs must be adapted so that a single file can be obtained, in the event that there is no billing program, one must be obtained that complies with the TicketBAI requirements and regulations. This file will have all the information required to control the activity of the interested party at the time prior to the issuance of the invoice.

When the invoice is issued, the file is sent automatically to the corresponding Administration of the Provincial Treasury.

By means of a QR code, the client will be able to verify that the TBAI program is being used and thus ensure that the invoice has been issued correctly and in accordance with current regulations.

We help you to comply

Your software ready for TicketBAI

In the Antifraud Law we carry out the audit of your software so that you know what and how to comply with the technical requirements, regulations collected by TICKETBAI. We will be with you until your software obtains the official homologation by the Hacienda Foral (TicketBAI homologated software) .

We accompany you, advise you, during and until the achievement of the requirements required by the Administration.

Save yourself surprises and anticipate its entry into force, leaving it for the last minute is a bad idea due to the time required for the processes, audit and implementation phases, dimensions, by the client.

TicketBAI approved software

Foral Treasury and Basque Government

The new TicketBAI system affects all natural and legal persons, entities without legal personality that carry out economic activities subject to the Basque Provincial Treasury: Álava (Araba) , Guipúzcoa (Gipuzkoa) and Vizcaya (Bizkaia ).

Therefore, all companies, freelancers, entities with economic activities in the Basque Country must use and implement a transparent, traceable, unalterable billing control system connected to their Provincial Treasury.

TicketBAI began to integrate voluntarily from January 1 of this year (2021). As of January 1, 2022, it will become an obligation for any natural person who carries out an economic activity or for taxpayers within the framework of the Company Tax in the Basque Country.

Billing with TicketBAI

  1. When your company’s software implements the requirements of the TicketBAI system, each time you issue an invoice you must follow a few specific steps:
  2. Once the .XML file called the TicketBAI file has been generated, it must be signed electronically.
  3. Once the image of the invoice has been generated, you will be able to verify that it has two contents required by the system:
  • TicketBAI’s own identifier
  • The QR code.
  1. To create these contents it is necessary to use part of the signature of the TicketBAI file
  2. This file will be sent to the Tax Administration within the established deadlines.

What information does TicketBAI collect?

TicketBAI XML files contain the following information:

  • Data of the subjects involved: (Issuer, recipient or recipients, type of invoice issued…)
  • Invoice – In which the header of the invoice will appear with the series, the number, the date of issue, the time and the type of invoice.
  • Invoice data: This field will include the date of the operation, as well as the total amount, the description of the content, the tax base, the VAT applied and, where appropriate, operations with tax significance.
  • Invoice breakdown or type of operation.

This field shows the type of operation applied to the invoice, which can be subject or exempt, among others.

TicketBAI Footprints:

This section will include the chain with previous invoices that will be related by:

  • Serial number, invoice and date of issue.
  • The signature of the TicketBAI file that corresponds to the previous invoice.
  • TicketBAI License
  • Entity registered in the TicketBAI registry of developer entities.
  • Billing software registered in the TicketBAI registry of developer entities.
  • Device: Identification of the device or medium from which the invoice is issued.

How to know if the software complies with TicketBAI?

Thanks to this program, each invoice is electronically signed and unaltered. In this way, all types of data manipulation or deletion are avoided. We thus ensure transparency, traceability and commitment to current laws.

When an invoice is issued with this model, it cannot be deleted since it will be automatically registered instantly, a connection is established and it is sent, through the software, to the Hacienda Foral.

The program generates invoices with all the information necessary to comply with the regulations and also includes two new fields, which will give the customer proof that their invoice is part of the program:

  • a QR code
  • A TBAI identification code

What advantages does the TicketBAI program offer?

Among the most attractive advantages you will find:

  • You will be able to protect yourself from competition and prevent taxpayers who do not comply with their fiscal or tax obligations from obtaining benefits from those who act in good faith.
  • You will have the ability to reduce the costs given by tax compliance.
  • Reduce administrative requirements.
  • Reduce return times thanks to online verification of invoices.
  • You will be able to increase the guarantees offered to the client, allowing them to verify that your business complies with all tax obligations.
  • Improve the relationship with your Treasury thanks to digital technology.

The role of the Treasury

With this measure you will continue to have the obligation to submit your VAT and personal income tax returns.

The current Treasury is working so that in the short term the possibility of managing drafts or self-assessment proposals becomes a fact

TicketBAI. Characteristics Provincial Estates

From the year 2022 it will be mandatory to have a software that contains a billing system integrated with the regional treasuries. Although their bases are common, each institution has different characteristics to take into account:

TicketBAI Guipuzcoa

  • Effective date: January 1, 2022.
  • Obligation to submit information in a TicketBAI file and include the QR and TBAI code on your respective invoice.
  • Immediate sending of the data to the Treasury
  • In a second phase, the Record Books of Economic Operations must be presented

TicketBAI Vizcaya

  • Effective date: January 1, 2024.
  • Obligation to submit information in a TicketBAI file and include the QR and TBAI code on your respective invoice.
  • Send all the information to the Treasury every three months by presenting the Record Books of Economic Operations

TicketBAI Álava

  • Effective date: January 1, 2022.
  • Obligation to submit information in a TicketBAI file and include the QR and TBAI code on your respective invoice.
  • Immediate sending of the data to the Treasury

Warranty And experience.

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  • Auditor CISA by ISACA.
  • Auditor ANECA in the EURO-INF program.
  • ISO27001 by SGS.
  • Computer and telecommunications engineer.
  • Master MBA, PDD, Cybersecurity and Cybercrime (Deloitte).
Luis Vilanova Auditor CISA

We collaborate with Justice and AEAT.

  • AEAT Certified Digitization Auditors.
  • Digital advisor at
  • Member Association of Experts Collaborating with the Justice of the Communities of Madrid and Valencia.
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