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Registry of trusted software regarding the  Anti-Fraud Law Article 201 bis Law 11-2021  .

ley antifraude software R6

test and warranty

All our clients obtain the audit seal that shows that they have been audited in terms of good security practices and cybersecurity of information systems to comply with the New Anti-Fraud Law .

This seal demonstrates proactivity regarding compliance with the new anti-fraud law Article 201 bis law 11-2021 by having a report signed by a certified auditor guaranteeing that the client has submitted their billing, accounting software, etc. to:

  • An analysis of software architecture, functionality, and processes that affect or apply to this law.
  • A verification of the different points of good practices selected, including some of other internationally accepted standards in terms of Confidentiality, Availability, Integrity, Traceability and Identity of ISO27001, ISO27002 or ISO27017, among others.
  • That it has a detailed section on risk assessment, gaps and recommendations, as well as an improvement action plan approach.
  • That includes a series of adherence clauses that end customers must recognize, such as different backup policies, secure access policies, etc.
  • Including a document signed and endorsed by a CISA auditor for ISACA and expert collaborator with justice.
ley antifraude software R4

Some success stories

We present some success stories. Companies that demonstrate proactivity, responsibility and trust in our services for compliance with the New Anti-Fraud Law in their software/s:

  • EKON
  • Orca Business Software
  • Ahora ERP
  • alba ibs
  • Oax
  • power shop
  • Ticomsa
  • DayproSoft
  • Imagine Consulting
  • ControlIntegral
  • DSGSoftware
  • Hosteltáctil
  • MSG
  • RollMur
  • Galper
  • Daemon4
  • Edari
  • Plautech

Warranty And experience.

Signature and certifications
International validity

  • Auditor CISA by ISACA.
  • Auditor ANECA in the EURO-INF program.
  • ISO27001 by SGS.
  • Computer and telecommunications engineer.
  • Master MBA, PDD, Cybersecurity and Cybercrime (Deloitte).
Luis Vilanova Auditor CISA

We collaborate with Justice and AEAT.

  • AEAT Certified Digitization Auditors.
  • Digital advisor at
  • Member Association of Experts Collaborating with the Justice of the Communities of Madrid and Valencia.
  • Certified judicial computer auditor expert.
ley antifraude software. Auditor CISA

Luis Vilanova

Offices in Madrid and Valencia

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years of experience
+ 0
  • Leaders in the Spanish market.
  • Budget without commitment.
  • We audit, advise and accompany until the final certification.
  • Phases and methodology, audit and final report.
  • We accompany you throughout the entire process until your software complies.
  • Private area with documents of interest, regulations, for your company and clients.
Naji S.
Naji S.
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Thanks to Luis Vilanova's team, we are successfully adapting our restaurant POS management software, with several thousand implementations, to Article 201 bis Law 11-2021.
Ignatius T.
Ignatius T.
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Concerned about the new legal framework of the anti-fraud law Article 201 bis law 11-2021, we are carrying out the compliance audit with Luis Vilanova's team.
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The audit of this software is key to adapting to the controls of traceability, availability, inalterability, legibility, etc. required by law.

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