Grants of up to 6,000 EUROS for each client installed after our billing software anti-fraud law audit

LAF Ayudas

Since we began to collaborate with companies that develop software in which billing is managed, we have been adapting to the needs of our clients, increasing the number of services as we advanced in our collaborations, for example with auditing services for other countries, such as NF525 in self-assessment or for the software anti-fraud law for Portugal, going through legal services for adapting contracts, litigation or resolution of conflicts with clients, etc.

We take another step forward in favor of the satisfaction of our clients by managing grants that provide income of up to 6,000 EUROS – or more – per installed client, once our collaboration has been carried out.

Grants of up to 6,000 EUROS for each client, with our billing software anti-fraud law audit.

It should be remembered that our advisory and audit services of the new anti-fraud law in its article 201bis help our client companies to adapt as much as possible to the 6 letters that mark this new law in force from October 11, 2021.

Specifically, dimensions such as integrity and traceability, among others, are mandatory for this type of software, as well as the responsibilities of suppliers/partners and, above all, of end customers, which are covered, among other issues, by our adhesion document.

Given that our audit report, after carrying out an evaluation of risk scenarios, generates, among other things, an action plan for our clients, which includes measures and developments that must be included, ending in a new software version for each one of its clients, we have incorporated the management of aid to all our clients who complete the audit with us.

Specifically, the aid that our clients opt for is based on the number of implantations (clients) that they have and their size, being able to benefit – thanks to our audit – of up to 6,000 euros for each client, our audit being amply amortized .

Objective benefits when hiring us

That is why if we summarize the benefits that our clients obtain by collaborating with us, we have:

  1. Maximum compliance of your software with the new anti-fraud law art.201 bis.
  2. Report signed by an expert and certified CISA auditor.
  3. Recovery of unsubscribed clients . By using the new versions in this order.
  4. Possibility of access to grants of up to 6,000 EUROS per installed client . It can be higher or lower depending on the project, client and adaptation to the bases


Contact us to be able to benefit from all these aspects and we will be delighted to be able to collaborate with you on this punishable matter from October 11, 2021.

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